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Online Programs 

  • Lighter Being:
    14-week mindfulness video series designed to help you reduce stress, get grounded and improve your mental and emotional wellness. For individuals and organizations. Learn more at

  • Weekly Virtual Yoga Classes: For school districts & organizations. Click the button below to connect with us to schedule classes.

  • LFY Virtual Home Studio:
    Online subscription service with a variety of yoga styles you can practice anytime, anywhere. Click HERE to subscribe. 

Intro to Mindfulness for Educators

Intro to Mindfulness 

2-hour workshop to introduce educators, administrators, counselors and parents to the meaning of mindfulness and the benefits to their own self-care and their students.


This workshop includes direct experience with a variety of mindfulness practices, and a downloadable handbook with 5 mindfulness tools they can implement in their own life and in their classroom. A perfect compliment to SEL programs and curriculum. 


Click the button below to schedule a workshop at your convenience. 


Mindfulness in Motion for PE

4-hour workshop that provides PE teachers and athletic coaches with an understanding of Yoga-style poses, movement with breath and other mindfulness techniques to integrate into their PE and athletic programs to help students develop focus, strength, flexibility, balance and emotional intelligence.

Educators wear many hats for their students including teacher, coach, parent, friend and protector. This course will also give participants self-care tools through direct experience with the transformative effects of mindfulness. Educators who develop their own mindfulness practices are better able to handle the variety of roles they play in their student's lives.

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Kelly Suckow

Math Teacher

Uplift Luna Charter School

Hearing the kids giggle in the postures and watching them have so much fun always improved my mood that week.

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Mali Jones

PE Teacher

WT White HS

"It's a great change of pace for the students. It teaches them to relax and gives them tools to help them lessen stress and anxiety throughout the year." 

Steven Hockenberry

Health & PE Teacher

Harry Stone Montessori MS

"They will have a much better chance to be successful in all areas of their life! Mindfulness was a perfect fit for our 8th grade Health Education class!"