About Live Free Yoga

Who We Are

Co-Founders, Phyllis Smith and Tida Chambers, have a combined 27 years experience serving adults and youth through Yoga, and other mindfulness practices. Both are certified in adult and children’s Yoga as well as Mindfulness Classroom Essentials, Mindful Communication and Trauma-Informed Yoga for Youth. 


Phyllis and Tida offer a specialized Mindfulness for Teens Teacher Training for people who serve this population of youth including educators, counselors, youth leaders and certified Yoga instructors. Parents have also taken this training to help them navigate through this challenging time with their own teenagers. This 20-hour training provides mindfulness tools and skills as well as an understanding of the developmental cycle of adolescents and teens on a physical, mental and emotional level.  


Our goal is integrate mindfulness practices into the curriculum of all schools in Texas and throughout the nation to encourage positive change for our youth now and for the future of our world. 

Our Mission
Live Free Yoga’s mission is to help teens develop a strong foundation in mind-body awareness, self-regulate emotions and build confidence, resiliency and clarity of purpose. 

Our Vision

The long term vision of Co-founders, Phyllis Smith and Tida Chambers, is for state and federal education institutions to adopt mindfulness practices into all school Physical Education and classroom curriculum. Consistent practice of mindfulness is proven to help students manage stress and improve focus. This can lead to higher learning capacity and happiness, paving the way for success throughout the lives of our youth and all those they touch.

What We Do

Live Free Yoga provides comprehensive and integrative Yoga and mindfulness education programs for the adolescent and teenage population and those who serve them. Mindfulness practices, such as Yoga, is proven to help students excel in every aspect of their lives. 

Tough to be a Teen

Research shows that adolescents are 3 times more likely to suffer serious injury or death during adolescents than in childhood or adulthood. Teens, age 12-24, have the highest rate of avoidable death due to drugs, accidents, suicide, wounding from weapons and murder. Add to that the environmental stresses of social media, electronic devices and school shootings, and you get a population of youth suffering from anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses that interfere with their ability to thrive.


What is Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the act of being present and aware. Achieving mindfulness equips the practitioner with the ability to “respond” rather than “react” to stimuli that might otherwise cause an over-emotional outbreak. Mindfulness gives us the ability to pause and make decisions that serve us best. 

Teaching Method 

Our teaching method of Yoga, and our other mindfulness programs, is designed to support Social-Emotional-Learning (SEL) programs in schools including the implementation of life-long skills that promote self-esteem, self-regulation, self-awareness, stress-resistance, strength, flexibility, balance, focus, confidence and character development.